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WISH Retreat

Updated: July 11-14, 2023

Zephyr Point Blue

The WISH Project is excited to host a Spring Retreat at Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center located along the shores of Lake Tahoe. At this invitation-only event, you will have the opportunity to join other members of the S&R community to learn more about the WISH Project and help shape the future of the initiative.


All participants in the WISH Retreat are eligible for free housing and meals and a partial travel reimbursement of up to $500.


Dates: Tuesday July 11 at 3pm to Friday July 14 at 11am PST

Accommodations: Hotel-style housing located in the Tahoe Center at Zephyr Point (All guests will receive a single-occupancy room)

Included Meals: Tuesday Dinner – Friday Breakfast



What are the objectives of the WISH Retreat?

Research Objectives:

  1. To assess current data and data-collection methods—surveys, focus groups, website—employed during the planning grant phase of the WISH project.

  2. To solicit “course corrections” and refinements:

    • What additional groups or individuals should we connect with?

    • What else should we be doing? 

    • What could we do better? 

    • Review and refine survey questions and multiple-choice answers.

    • Review and refine WISH website content and accessibility.

  3. To solicit forward-thinking recommendations on the programmatic phase of the WISH project.

Network Objectives:

  1. To multiply and strengthen connections and lines of communication among Christian women with experience in S&R field.

  2. To identify potential mentors, board members, or consultants for the programmatic phase of the WISH project.

Personal & Professional Development Objectives:

  1. To create and strengthen personal and professional relationships between participants.

  2. To share and gain knowledge, based on participants’ lived experience, about the unique challenges, opportunities, and contributions of Christian women working in the S&R field.

  3. To find a moment of rest to experience God in Creation along the shores of Lake Tahoe.

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